As musicians and photojournalists we are storytellers with a passion to capture important moments and tell a story. Our journey together allow us to fill our plates to the brim with old friends, new friends, music and more music!

We utilize our talents and passion to also stay active and involved in our community. From the monthly Gwinnett Council for Seniors meetings where we promote on social media and speak on healthy lifestyles to events where we share the joy of music, to partnering with Gwinnett County Parks in promotion of the growing senior community to encourage Active Positive Lifestyle (A.P.L.), to promotion and management of our own H2O-PBJ food pantry community project: we live, give, and connect with our community.



The categories below link you to articles regarding what we are doing, promoting and enjoying in our Active Positive Lifestyle!  Positively speaking, singing and dancing, Sheri & Bill

Music “Notes”

H2O-PB&J Food Pantry Project

Community Support