Charge – The Boomers Are Coming!




Here come the Boomers charging that “65 Hill” at a rate of 10,000 per day. That means 3.6 million more by this time next year, and by 2030 seniors will represent 25% of the US population.  There will be more seniors than teenagers, and more Viagra than acne cream!

We Boomers are a knowledgeable experienced army of motivated, dependable citizens. With formal education, and guided by classic moral values. We are full of street smarts. We appreciate a job well done, individual merit and teamwork! We have hope for our future, passion to achieve, and compassion to help.

Our show of force is a dramatic cultural shift that offers opportunity for everyone. Active Boomers are changing the face of aging with our productive lifestyles, determined to live life to the fullest, to stay more healthy and vital than ever before. Our moral code will inspire us all to be the best we can be. We are already retiring to things, not from things. With renewed passion, we continue to live life with a purpose, and create value for ourselves and those around us.

Our positive activity becomes a silver lining to our current economy!   Many Boomers have already begun pursuing more satisfying career paths, part time jobs, or volunteer positions. This means that smart Business owners and organizations will be able to tap into the most well trained workforce ever to hit a job market. Boomers will actually help maintain our countries tax base (Yippee), keep dollars changing hands, and as volunteers, take stress off service jobs where they are most needed. Even if you are not a senior, you still benefit.  A stronger economy and volunteer jobs performed by seniors allow younger folks to pursue their careers and be more productive.

Our Boomer friend Ros Bennet volunteers as President of Gwinnett Council For Seniors. Her passion keeps her always willing to learn something new and ready to take on the next challenge!

We Boomers have the opportunity to make a difference and lead by example. If we remain strong, vital and productive, we will be honored for our merits–a much better position than being chided for the shortcomings and “fuddy-duddy quirks” quite often associated with aging!

The Gw Senior Learning Center offers computer and internet training classes to help Seniors retool.

To put this “becoming a senior” thing in to perspective, what do Grandma Moses, John Glen, and Benjamin Franklin all have in common?  Their “claim to fame” came when they were in their 70’s:  at 70, Ben helped draft the Declaration of Independence;  and at 77, Grandma began painting and John became the oldest person to go into space—pretty impressive!


We suggest you make your plans, get ready now to make your claim to fame.  Make positive and healthy choices, do the research, have a plan! Find out where you can make the most good and inspire others with your positive energy!

After all, if you know where the rainbow is going to be, don’t you want to get your biggest wheelbarrow in the right place to catch the gold?

If you are a business that plans to add more seasoned experience to your work force, or if you are someone with an experienced skill set, looking to make a positive difference, we’d love to add you to our story. We promote and encourage people that see our later years as a success opportunity and way to inspire others.    Positively speaking, Sheri & Bill Eppright, Positive Public Image, Inc.

As photo journalists, public speakers and Boomers, we promote Active Positive Lifestyles and Healthy Aging in America. To hire us to help promote your event with our Positive view or to speak with your group or organization on Healthy Aging and Active Positive Lifestyles, please contact us—we would love to hear from you!  Call 678-672-7310, or to contact us by email use this link: Contact Us!

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