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About Sheri & Bill

Posted by Positive Public Image

We love to share the joy of music with others…keeps us learning and connected with others. Find your passion and share it– it will help keep you young at heart! Remember, “You don’t stop playing because you get old…you get old because you stop playing!’”   


When healthy choices are part of an Active Positive Lifestyle, everyone, no matter his/her resources, has the opportunity to be a positive influence in the community. An Active Positive Lifestyle is a life full of positive attitudes, passions, healthy living choices and a strong zest for life that creates value for yourself and others.  Decisions to better yourself encourage others to do the same.

…………….Nourish Your Body – Eat your fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water.

……………Stay Active – Living things move

……………Stimulate Your Mind – Keep learning

……………Connect With Others – Develop an active network support system

……………Create Value – Do what you love and create positive value for yourself and others


About Us:

Sheri and Bill Eppright are partners in life and co-owners of Positive Public Image since 2010.  As Boomer Seniors, they combine their musical talents and photojournalistic skills to share their passion for music and encourage fellow seniors to live an Active Positive Lifestyle.

Featured in the 2014 Guide to Gwinnett for their own active positive lifestyle, Sheri and Bill have a strong community presence and take a “lead by example” approach in managing their health, fitness and community involvement…they call it “spreading happy dust.”

Encouraging every senior to continue to create value and connect with their passion, Sheri and Bill spend much of their time sharing their love of music, as they entertain at churches, clubs, senior organizations, community and private events. This coming May, they are looking forward to entertaining and emceeing a Senior Variety Show hosted by Gwinnett County Parks in honor of National Older American Month.

In 2013, Sheri and Bill formed a partnership with Gwinnett County Parks, which focuses on senior programs offered by the Parks. This year Sheri and Bill served as Ambassadors at the annual Gwinnett County Parks Senior Wellness Fair. With the success of 750 attendees, plans for next year’s event are already in the works including a request for Sheri and Bill to return as Fair Ambassadors.

Both Sheri and Bill have served on the F.A.B.  Advisory Board since 2011 (Duluth Fifty And Beyond Active Adult organization) which serves the senior social and fitness needs for the City of Duluth. They also partnered in 2012 and 2013 with the annual Gwinnett Senior Golden Games, utilizing their photo-journalism and social media channel to encourage greater participation within the growing senior community.

In 2012 Sheri and Bill partnered with Gwinnett Council for Seniors (originally known as the Gwinnett County Council on Aging), again volunteering their photo-journalistic skills and social media channel to help grow the organization.  GCS embraced Sheri and Bill’s vision, and re-wrote their by-laws in 2014 to include a focus on an Active Positive Lifestyle.  Sheri and Bill serve as Co-Chairs for the newly formed Healthy Aging & Senior Welfare Committee, providing informative talks at each monthly meeting and writing articles for the quarterly GCS Newsletter.

Their favorite quote?  “You don’t stop playing because you get old…you get old because you stop playing.”    Positively speaking, singing and dancing,  Sheri & Bill, Positive Public Image, Inc.  www.SheriAndBill.Biz