We are in the business of sharing the joy of music…Better as we go!

We are music storytellers, and love to create medleys of favorite songs from artists such as the Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel,  Peter Paul & Mary, Kingston Trio, Beatles, etc.  

Our original lyrics and tunes tell stories of life and love…they reflect the positive influence of these artists, and are flavored with our own unique  harmonies. (Check out our EP of original tunes “Better As We Go” and our new single “Better With You”) 

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Featured in the 2014 Guide to Gwinnett for our active positive lifestyle, we believe in having a strong community presence–we call it “spreading happy dust.  We spend time weaving our music and community support together. We donate 25% of CD and download proceeds to our local food pantries, and 10% of our annual proceeds are donated to Alzheimer’s.org. 

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Please join us on our musical journey…we predict fun, music, music, and more music ahead!   “We duet….Better As We Go!” Sheri & Bill